Geneva Marina

Lake Erie, Ohio

            Welcome to Geneva Marina.

            Ohio's Gleaming Northeastern Shoreline

            More than just a Marina

            Geneva Marina provides direct, uninterrupted access to Lake Erie’s central basin. The marina features ample boat docks with 407 slips and transient docking.  A six-lane boat ramp gives you plenty of room to head out into the wild blue yonder. Charter a fishing boat to experience the “walleye capital of the world.”

            Pick up bait (both live minnows and worms) and tackle supplies, fishing licenses, boat accessories, apparel and souvenirs or enjoy the convenience of the fish cleaning services. Full-service boat repair is also available, along with a fueling station and boat and trailer storage to safely store your pride and joy until the next season.

            Stop by the deli and canteen to stock up on picnic supplies or grab thirst quenching beverages, juicy hamburgers, ready-to-eat sandwiches, tasty snacks and ice cream after a day on the lake.

            Whether you are planning a leisurely cruise, sightseeing, serious angling, or just having fun, our friendly, family-oriented atmosphere will make your Lake Erie voyage one you’ll want to experience again and again.

            Ohio Clean Marina

            Geneva Marina received  the “Clean Marina” Certification from Ohio Sea Grant College in partnership with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Soil and Water Conservation (Ohio Coastal Nonpoint Pollution Control Program), Office of Coastal Management (Ohio Coastal Management Program), and Division of Watercraft; Ohio Department of Health; Ohio Environmental Protection Agency; Ohio Department of Commerce, State Fire Marshall Division; U.S. Coast Guard; U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Lake Erie Marine Trades Association, Greater Cleveland Boating Association, local health departments, local fire marshals, and marina and yacht club owners and managers.

            The Clean Marina program was developed to help educate marina, boatyard, and boat operators on the importance of protecting waterways and the environment. Participation in the program is voluntary and participants must meet stringent requirements in boat fueling, cleaning, maintenance, waste management, sensitive species management, and emergency response measures.

            Keep Your Bilge Area Clean

            We will continue to carry a product at the marina called Biosok for those who would like their bilge area to remain clean. The sock is tied in place by the engine and releases good microorganisms that attract oil and other pollutants which then return to the sock. The "sock" can be safely disposed of. Within just a few days of testing in the marina, the area around the sock appeared clean. Please stop by to watch a video of this amazing product.

            Spring Line Your Boats For Safety

            There have been some challenges keeping bow pulpits from hanging over the docks.  For those who have bow pulpits, please spring line your boats so that they do not hang over the docks.  It is a safety hazard.  Please look at the front of your boat and make sure (by pulling your boat forward after it is tied) that it does not hit the dock and/or the dock box.  Hitting the dock box will not only damage the box, but will strip the holes that keep the dock box in place.  We suggest using a spring line to keep your boat from hitting the dock or box.  If you need assistance, please let us know here in the marina shop.

            Dock Carts

            Dock carts are available for all dock holders.  In an ongoing effort to keep them available, please return the carts as soon as you are finished so they are available to your follow dockers and so the dock areas are unobstructed.

            Dock Box Rentals & Installation

            Corner dock boxes are available for rent.  We have a limited number, so please reserve them early.  For those who own dock boxes and need to re-install them, please remember to leave the bolt up one inch. If you cinch them down your dock box will break. The dock box needs to move a little with the dock finger as swells occur in the marina. Please look for the holes already created for the box. Please do not drill new holes. If there is a problem please contact us for assistance.

            We also sell dock boxes. Docks measuring 20', 24' and 26' can only use small boxes. Larger boxes are also available for 30’, 32’ and 40’ docks. 

            We ask that you take the box off at the end of the season. If you move from one dock to another and the holes are not in place, we will re-install your dock box for you.

            Marine Assist - Towing Service

            Dates of Operation: May 1 - October 1

            Sign up for Marine Assist, which includes unlimited tows, free fuel delivery, free soft un-groundings and free jump-starts.  Contact Anne Wech, General Manager at 440.466.7565 or Captain Ken Schoenfeld at 440.466.3254 for questions or to renew your membership.  If you have a current Marine Assist membership, you can renew it at the marina.


            Mentor Headlands Beach to the PA border - $89.

            Monroe, MI to Buffalo, NY - $99.

            The Dock Shop

            Tom Husa, better known as Doctor Deck, has taken over the boat service area since 2009.  The phone number for his shop is 440-466-1212.  Tom was a boat mechanic at Zucker Marine and will also be managing the fish cleaning area here at the marina.  Please walk to the back of the marina building to say "Hi" . 


            Summer Trailer & Winter Boat Storage

            We have summer trailer and winter boat storage available. Please call for rates.
            If you are interested in putting your trailer in storage, please bring us your trailer license number. You will be given a tag to put on the tongue of your trailer. Please let us know if you would like your trailer to be stored inside the storage building, otherwise it will be stored inside the fenced area by the storage building.  Arrangements must be made to reserve your spot. Please let us know if you need assistance with trailer parking.
            If anyone places a trailer in the east parking area and it is not tagged as a transient trailer, it is subject to be towed by the park. Please try to put your trailer back inside the fenced area, preferably in the spot you originally parked. 




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